Baby on a budget

Baby on a budget

Written by Brunette In Red


  1. Kristin

    Awesome advice! I have started compiling my list and these were the baby items I was wondering about. I don’t want to buy anything that will only be used a few months or that ends up being wasteful, thanks!

    1. okbastet

      I am so glad it helped you! Its very easy to fly away in spending on so many cute baby things when you are a parent for the first time! Been there! 🙂
      I had much ” smarter” buys with my second baby though 🙂 I learned on my own mistakes 😀

  2. Lauren

    I used my changing table for my son all the time, until he outgrew it. It was super convenient because everything you need is there within reach. There was no searching for diapers, looking for wipes, trying to remember where the diaper cream was last used. Sane thing with the bassinet. He slept in it every night, which was a godsend since he breastfed and we could co-sleep (sleep in the same space). Also, the portable booster chair isn’t as sturdy or safe as a high chair. I should also add most of these items could be purchased 2nd hand to keep costs down.

    1. Brunette In Red

      I totally agree with you, Lauren! 🙂 All of the things can be purchased second hand, and as I mentioned few time in the post – everybody have their own budget. Some people have to have it just brand new, other people are totally fine with second hand.
      All of the above mentioned things are fun and useful ( to some), but they are definitely something a person can survive without, if for some reason they are very tight on their budget 🙂
      About the high chair and safety…I actually remember how my child used to push herself away from the table with her feet, while sitting in a high chair….should I even explain how badly she scared me that day, because it definitely didn’t look very safe to me. But I’m glad it worked for you. Many mothers swear by high chair and its good. We are all so different 🙂

  3. Les

    I totally agree with you on most of these. Another thing – most of the “getting ready for baby” lists I’ve seen tell you to be sure you have like 10 binkies ready because you’re going to lose them often and you don’t want to be caught without one. Totally true IF your baby takes a binkie, but of my 4 babies only one did. And also most babies will settle on one kind that they like and reject the rest, so if you have 10 of the wrong kind laying around it will do you little good. Wait to see what you’re baby likes, and if they decide they do like a pacifier, sure, go by 10 of the kind they like (because they definitely do tend to disappear).Buying crazy multiples of anything before knowing what you and your baby like is unnecessary and often proves wasteful. Except for Onsies and diapers. You will definitely use multiples of those!

  4. Brunette In Red

    Les, you are definitely right! My first child likes pacifiers, my second child didn’t want to take it, no matter what I did – NOPE.
    And yes, lots of diapers and onsies,but again, not TOO many of the same size…because today you know you child is totally fine with size 1 diapers….the next morning you realize that size 1 is too small ( everything leaks over) and its time for size 2 now!!! :))) Same with onsies. Sometimes they just grow overnight 🙂

  5. Jamie

    Yeesh it’s crazy that I use nearly every thing on your ‘don’t bother’ list!! No offense but I’m SO glad I didn’t see this prior to having my little one
    I get the lack of money point. Certainly some of the things may be do able without.

    1. Brunette In Red

      LOL 🙂 No offense at all! 🙂 I used some of the things from the list with my 1st baby, then realized I don’t really need them and sold/gave them away. This post is more about families with a very tight budget 🙂

  6. Ashlyn

    I think a changing table is a good staple. I use it to change my son and I use the bottom 2 shelves for his clothes. It’s much cheaper than a dresser. My son turned one last week and I still use the changing table for every diaper change. It’s also easy to lotion him up after his bath.

  7. Kimberly Young

    I agreed with everything except the changing table. I LOVED my changing table and I used it with all of my kids, my foster kids, friends kids and grandkid!! A MUST have for me. Allowed me to have a controlled location for changes and I never had a kid that tried to roll away.

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